Water/Wastewater Treatment

Potomac Water Filtration Plant Sedimentation Basin Corrosion Mitigation


This project involves concrete repairs, equipment, and piping replacement in the sedimentation basins at the Potomac Water Filtration Plant. This project occurred at an active water treatment facility that had to remain in operation 24/7/365 during construction. Coordination with the Owner was of great importance to schedule partial shutdowns of the plant to commence different phases of work. The plant has a total capacity of 283 MGD.
We were permitted to work in one basin at a time. Major work items included selective demolition, basin cleaning and preparation, concrete restoration, installation of access ladders and platforms, painting and coating, replacement of valves and sluice gates, and installation of process mechanical. Our firm self-performed more than half the work on this project.
Major items of work included: Removal and replacement of solids discharge piping, valves, and supports; Removal and replacement of parts to; solids submersible pumps, mud valves, and sluice gates;.